Prepping an Empty House for Sale

May 16, 2022


You read that right. Should you “prep” an empty house? This is not about adding furniture or plants to a vacant home, but it’s about looking at the empty home and making it more appealing to buyers. Buyers will definitely notice how much work needs to be done when there isn’t anything in their way!

Not all homes need furniture to sell for top dollar, but even a vacant home needs attention before it’s ready for showing. The key is to remove anything that would distract from a buyer seeing the home in its best light and highlight its best features.

What Should You Remove from a Vacant House?

· Anything that isn’t clean – Remove dirt from ceiling fans, baseboards, sink, dishwasher, windows, shelves, etc.

· Leftover Items – Hangers in closets, old batteries from drawers.

· Cable and Cords – Neaten walls and floors by removing or hiding.

· Worn or Stained Carpet – Replace old, damaged, stained, or dated carpet.

· Old Window Treatments – Old dated curtains and tired Venetian blinds are distracting, remove them.

· Spider Webs and Dust Balls – Check those corners for dead bugs, cobwebs, and dust.

· Leave Behind Furniture – Don’t be tempted to leave indoor or outdoor furniture you no longer want.

· Dead Leaves – Clean the yard and remove all debris.

Vacant homes offer a blank canvas for buyer’s imaginations. To sell quickly, make sure the home is clean, fresh, and ready for showing by removing distractions and anything which appears old, dirty, or shabby. Another benefit is that if we decide to virtually stage some of the main rooms, it will be easier to dress the room.