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Get to know the area through our Georgian Bay Trivia. We will be updating and adding questions about Georgian Bay and surrounding areas with more information about each question.

September 2021

  1. What is the deepest part of Georgian Bay? (approximately)

a. 800 ft (244 m)

b. 540 ft (165 m)

c. 751 ft (229 m)

d. 134 ft (41 m)

Answer B: 540 ft (165 m). Georgian Bay is 5792 square miles, making it almost as large as Lake Ontario. The depth of Georgian Bay is generally around 100-300 ft (30-90 m).  Near the main channel, which leads into Lake Superior, it reaches a maximum of approximately 540 ft (165 m)*. DISCLAIMER: there are charts that show that it looks to reach a maximum depth of 561 ft (171 m).

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  1. What year was the first recorded swim across Georgian Bay?

a. 1946

b. 1976

c. 1996

d. No one has been able to

Answer C: 1996. On August 31, 1996, John Scott became the first person to swim across Georgian Bay. Scott entered the water at Lighthouse Point on Christian Island and arrived at Harbourview Park in Collingwood. Scott swam 31 km and it took him 10 hours, 12 minutes.


  1. Who was Kitchikewana’s lost love?

a. Manitou

b. Hinnon

c. Wanakita

d. Orenda

Answer C: Wanakita. Kitchikewana was a God to the Wendat Huron Nation of Georgian Bay, and a great warrior giant who protected the area in times of war. Kitchikewana was known to have a bad temper and the elders decided that he should find a wife in order to help soothe his outbursts. The Huron Gods assembled all the eligible women of the nation. Kitchikewana was the son of the Great Spirit Manitou and he unwillingly agree to this arrangement. However, once he set eyes on the beautiful Wanakita, Kitchikewana fell madly in love.

Kitchikewana proposed his love for her but was denied, as Wanakita was already taken by another warrior. Kitchikewana was heartbroken and had a fit of rage. No one was able to calm the warrior God. During his fit, Kitchikewana clawed the earth, carving out the five bays of Severn Sound: Penetanguishene, Midland, Hogs, Sturgeon, and Matchedash Bays. He then threw the fist full of earth, scattering rocks over Georgian Bay, forming 29,999 islands. Heartbroken and defeated, Kitchikewana walked deep into the bay and died of a broken heart. His resting place, Giant’s Tomb made up the last of the 30,000 islands.

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  1. What year was the Battle of Georgian Bay in Penetanguishene Bay?

a. 1918

b. 2019

c. Was only a re-enactment

d. 1812

Answer C: Was only a re-enactment. The Penetanguishene Naval Establishment at Discovery Harbour was the result of the war of 1812, when the Americans declared war with Great Britain. Although there have been a few re-enactments, one in 2001 and the other in 2019, there never was a battle fought in Penetanguishene Bay. In 1814, at the mouth of the Nottawasaga River near Wasaga Beach, the British schooner HMS Nancy was sunk by the Americans.

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